PASTEUR Retransfer Pipettes with Inserted Filament
BioMedical Instruments

Retransfer with inserted filament

Abbr. Parameter Value Tolerance Unit
ID Inner diameter 110, 120 <±3 µm
TL Tip length 3.5 - 4.5 cm
PL Pipette length 12 cm

This type of retransfer needles consists of a filament inserted into a PASTEUR pipette with a Gamma irradiation resistent glue. The filament is drawn from borosilicate glass capillaries. The filament has over the length of 12 cm the same inner diameter of 120 µm in case of the normal firepolished retransfer pipettes and 140 µm in case of the strongly firepolished needles. The inner diameters at the tip is 108 - 114 µm. Other diameters can be provided, too.