BioMedical Instruments


Low-Cost Video-Scope for Electrophysiology


  • Safronov-Contrast Module for relief-like images in highly scattering thick tissue
  • Penetration depths up to 175 ┬Ám possible
  • Can be used with various specimens from acute tissue explants to intra-vital preparations of amphibia
  • Optionally to be equipped with Modular Fluorescence Block
  • Compatible to objective lenses of most common manufacturers (e.g. Leica, Olympus, Zeiss)
  • Rigid fixed stage setup for perfect mechanical stability

The 21Scope is the perfect choice for your electrophysiological experiments. It is adapted to the needs of imaging deep in transparent specimens providing relief-like images of cellular structures by means of oblique IR illumination (reflected light Safronov Contrast, also available as upgrade kit to your existing stand!). Reduced to the essentials of modern video inspection systems, the 21Scope guaranties high-quality imaging at a compact design and at a reasonable price. It is not only compatible to the most common lenses developed for physiology, but also features different modules, which easily adapt the scope to your individual needs: an optional fluorescence block allows you to combine electrical recordings with quantitative and qualitative imaging methods to pursue state-of-the-art research; an optional objective turrent can be added to change magnification; different camera tubes and relay-elements can be used to create your very own optical pathway. For more information, a demo or evaluation system, contact us!

Basic Module (standard configuration)
  • 20x/0.5 NA water immersion lens
  • 1x camera tube
  • 2MP CMOS digital camera
  • Safronov-Contrast illumination unit (also available as upgrade kit to your existing stand!)
  • Fixed stage mount with fine-/coarse drive
Fluorescence Module
  • Fluorescence block
  • Single- or multiband filter set incl. holder
  • Collimating fibre coupler
Opto-Mechanical Parts
  • Objective turrent
  • Right-angle relay mirror
  • Diverse camera tubes
  • Safronov-Contrast upgrade kit
  • Fibre coupled HXP light source
  • Fibre coupled LED light source
  • Cold-light source
Basic Module Imaging Unit (standard configuration) img_21Scope_basic
Imaging Unit with Modular Fluorescence Block and Fibre Coupling Collimator img_21Scope_FB

Hippocampal Neurons (PFA-fixated brain slice, adult mouse, thickness 200 um) imaged by the 21Scope using Safronov Illumination

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